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Online Presence / Search Engine Optimization

If you are not getting - expected results/revenue from your website :- 
                             Then Try To Answer These Questions
  • Are you known world wide?
  • Are you getting enough queries to keep you busy whole day?
  • Do you want to increase you income to 300%?
  • Can you actually have a connection with all our customer?
  • Can you electronically capture shop floor data?
  • Can you equip and empower service staff for better customer service?



The solution for all your queries is web promotion / web positioning

We here at Maxsoft Media helps optimize your Website and make it more popular and search-engine-friendly. This means your Web site is likely to be seen more often in a listing of search results on a search engine and, therefore, is likely to experience a lot more highly relevant traffic.

Independent third-party studies have shown that search engines account for between 40% and 75% of all first-time visitors to Web sites. This means registration with the key search engines used by your target audience is a must.

Further, most people search on these sites using single phrases or "keywords". For example, someone looking for information on India is likely to type in the keyword "India" and hit the Search button. Given the over 100 million documents on the Web, it is likely that this keyword occurs on a number of pages. Indeed, some keyword-searches can result in 100s of thousands, if not millions of entries in the result listing.

Studies have also shown that most users do not look beyond the first 3 pages of search results on a search engine. And if the keyword critical to your business is a hotly contested one it is quite possible that your listing on the search engine appears much lower in the search results - don't worry we have detailed solutions for such problems.

  • Web Site Submission
  • Message Board Submission
  • Chat Club Registry for online information
  • Sponsorship of Trade related channels for attracting high traffic during X-mass season



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