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IT Consultancy & Solutions Print & Web Design Online Presence

Mission & Vision


Message from our Directors

Director - Strategy & HR

Today is time of fast and hi-tech competition, and in this modern world some technically good and committed minds are there who believes in offering their highly advanced and satisfactory services to their clients.

Maxsoft Media is the one among those, because it has been incorporated with a view to provide High-Technologies like B2B and B2C Portals, Dynamic web sites, Voice Technology, Interactive Multimedia (Computer Based Training manuals and Multimedia based Corporate Presentations), customized Software Solutions to a diverse range of cliental including top corporate houses and Media Barons in and outside India. We are here to enable and optimize all forms of communications. We can transform the way you communicate, the way you present, the way you interact within your offices. We can promise marked returns after you avail of our cost-effective services in diverse fields related to Internet, Multimedia, CTI, E-commerce etc.

Organizations, big and small are benefiting by advertising, marketing and selling their products and services on the web, which is a virtual shop open 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year, at relatively much lower cost than other media, thereby cutting cost and increasing profits by expanding to a wider segment of the Business world.

  For your business Growth and Presence in the Market
-------  we offer -------

I.T. Consultancy & Enterprise Solutions

E-Commerce and Web Development

Multimedia Presentations for any platform
Multimedia for any platform : (With CD Replication Facility)

Audio/Video Production & Training Modules

Website Promotion / Positioning E-publishing


Director - Finance & Administration

At Maxsoft Media, we continually strive to provide 100% satisfaction on all our services. Our single price quote allows us to offer unlimited and fully accessible service. Most companies operate on an hourly fee. We do not. During the development of your project, you can decide to change some element of your site, without incurring extra costs. All lines of communication are kept open and accessible to ensure your web site fulfills all your expectations.

Decide for Yourself!
Before going with any other Web Service Provider, take a look at our competitors and compare their quality of service, equipment, and pricing with Maxsoft Media.

---------For us there is no bar for the competitive opportunities -----------




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